Tour YangBay

  • Thời lượng: 1 Day
  • Vị trí: Dien Khanh
  • Ghế có sẵn: 2
  • Giá: 690,000
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Time 1 day
Vehicle: Car
YangBay Khanh Vinh
During the day
Schedule: Nha Trang-YangBay
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Vietstar Travel Nha Trang to Nha Trang In addition to the outstanding tours like Nha Trang island tour, 3 island tour, 4 island tour of Nha Trang. Nha Trang diving tour, 3-island tour combined with scuba diving, now we will have one more program of stream and mountain forest tours in Nha Trang which is the tour of Yangbay in Nha Trang
Schedule for Yangbay waterfall tour
07h30 -> 08h30 Pick up at the meeting place (Nha Trang city)
09h30 -> 11h30 Participate in the following activities: Visiting “Moc Than” – the largest ancient Leather tree YangBay For feeding fish bottle Mineral bath at Hocho waterfall Join the game: pig racing, crossbow shooting … Sightseeing Wild bear sanctuary and bears. Visiting the exhibition of ethnic musical instruments + performing arts.
11:30 -> 12.30 Lunch at Dai Ngan restaurant. See menu
12:30 -> 14:00 Visit the Yangbay and Yang Khang waterfall areas. Free bathing and sightseeing
14h00 -> 15h00 Join the crocodile fishing program and watch sunflowers (seasonal)
15:00 -> 16:00 Back to Nha Trang and end the Tour!
Tour menu Yang Bay Nha Trang 01 day Stir-fried cabbage with oyster sauce or sleeping fruit with fried fish. Fried crocodile sauce with fish sauce or duck with bamboo shoots Stir-fried chicken with chicken leaves or Ostrich fried with gingerChanh crab with chilli or sour bamboo shoots. Beef stewed with sour mustard or fried pork ribs. White rice. Fish on banana forest or grilled crocodile with lemongrass.
Adult fare 690,000 VND
Child fare 520,000 VND

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