Nha Phu Bay tour

  • Thời lượng: 8:30 16:30
  • Vị trí: Nha Trang - Ben Da Chong - Suoi Hoa Lan - Monkey Island
  • Ghế có sẵn: over 2 people
  • Giá: 600,000
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Tour code: CODE LNP
Time: 1 day
Vehicle: Cano highway
Vịnh Vân Phong
Schedule: Nha Trang – Ben Da Chong – Suoi Hoa Lan – Monkey Island
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tour monkey island

Visit Monkey Island

tour orchids stream

Visit orchid springs

Monkey Island tourism

Stream orchid tourism


Coming to Nha Trang city, visitors will know a special tour that is Nha Trang monkey island tour or Nha Trang spring orchid tour

08h30 : Vietstar coaches and guides travel to and from the hotel to Long Phu KDL

09h00 : Board the train to visit Nha Phu bay

You start to discover Nha Phu Bay, strangely fascinated with African ostriches and deer in the natural forest, visiting orchards.

09h45 : Arrive in Hoa Lan stream

You visit the orchid cave with many species collected in and outside the country simulated by the forests of thousands of years of colorful shimmering fossil trees

You enjoy the program:

  • Circus Monkey – Dog doing math – Riding Ostrich – Taking photos with Elephants
  • Watercraft – Fly parachute – Banana buoy – Kayak

12h30 :You have lunch at Huong Lan restaurant

Then you relax and relax with mushroom tents on the beach

13h30 : Arrive in Hon Lao (Monkey Island)

  • You enjoy the circus show like monkeys, dogs, elephants. You are in close contact and let monkeys naturally eat fruit or cakes.
  • You visit the art works:
  • My Nhan Ngu Garden – Thien Long Garden – Journey to the West Garden
  • Especially, you can join the scuba diving program to explore the coral paradise on Hon Lao Island with colorful colors. In addition, you can participate in sea sports programs such as:
  • Water motorbike – Drag banana buoy – F1 racing

15h45 : The train takes you back to Da Chong wharf

16h00 : Car and tour guide take you back to the hotel.

Vietstar  Travel Wish you a happy visit!

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