Diep Son Island Tour

  • Thời lượng: 1 Day
  • Vị trí: Van Ninh district
  • Ghế có sẵn: ovẻ 2 people
  • Giá: 690,000
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Tour code: CODE TDS
Time: 1 day
Vehicle: Cano
Van Ninh
Saturday, Sunday
Schedule: Nha Trang – Diep Son Island
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In a place of Khanh Hoa, there is a tour program that is currently outstanding and equally attractive is the tour of Diep Son Island, tour of diep son, tour of diep son in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province.

7:00: Car and tour guide Vietstar Travel pick you up at the meeting place TTTP, take you to visit Diep Son tour or call tour the middle of the sea.

On the way, the delegation listened to HDV explaining traditional industries and aquaculture, aquaculture and specialty dishes along the way.

On the way, you will learn about famous places of Khanh Hoa province:

Nha Phu Bay.

Ninh Van Bay.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Gabion Statue

Learn together about traditional specialties of Ninh Hoa town: Nem Ninh Hoa, Siamese Coconut Dua.

8:00 am: On the way, guests who have not had breakfast HDV will stop for breakfast and specialties of Ninh Hoa milk oyster porridge (expenses excluded).

9:00: Arrive in Diep Son Port, you can start the journey to discover Diep Son Island, after a few minutes of surfing on Cano Island, Diep Son Island gradually appears as a charming natural picture with wild unspoiled island groups. Unique shapes interlaced are rows of green trees, smooth white sandy beaches, a little sunshine on the simple fishing village houses … All of which makes people forget the tiredness, worries and worries of daily life.

9h15: Cano hits the shore, you start to learn about the life and customs of Diep Son fishermen, discover the most unique undersea road in Vietnam together to keep the beautiful shoot, conquer the long winding road. nearly 700m under the water.

11h30: Group lunch at the island with rustic dishes characterized by the sea:


Steamed crab or grilled shrimp.

Salt ram ribs.

fried fish sauce.

fried sweet and sour.

sauteed garlic spinach.

seafood hotpot.

white rice, fruit, iced tea.

13:00: Delegation to the ship to move to the mainland. Then move to Doc Let

Here guests are free to visit, swim, participate in water sports games or enjoy fresh seafood at the local Seafood Market (self-sufficiency fee) ..

16h00: Delegation clears luggage. Depart back to Nha Trang. It seems to look at Ninh Diem salt fields, take souvenir photos or you can buy specialty Nem Ninh Hoa as gifts for friends and relatives.

17:00: Arrive in Nha Trang and HDV will take you to the original meeting place. Ending the tour program of Diep Son island.

vietstartravel.com Say goodbye and see you again in the following itineraries!


New passenger cars, air-conditioning systems, driving experience …

Sightseeing tickets under the program:

Diep Son canoe.

Chair, tent.

Fee for bathing in fresh water.

Eat according to the program: 1 main meal on the island.

Tour guide during the tour, happy and enthusiastic.

Insurance for the whole tour of Bao Viet 10,000,000 VND / case.

Spring water 01 bottle of 500ml / person / day


Eating out of the program, other personal expenses.


Sightseeing tickets outside the program.


Children under 1 year old are free of charge for service tickets (sharing meals with parents)

Children from 1 – 10 years old must buy 50% of the service fare (separate meals with parents)

Children over 10 years old must buy 100% of tickets.


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