3-Island tour combining diving

  • Thời lượng: 8:30 16:30
  • Vị trí: Nha Trang bay
  • Ghế có sẵn: over 2 people
  • Giá: 950,000
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Tour code: CODE T3DNT
Time: 1 day
Vehicle: Cano
Nha Trang bay
Schedule: Nha Trang – Fishing Village – Bai Tranh
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Tour schedule:
Coming to Nha Trang City, you have many choices of different tourist destinations such as Nha Trang Island Tour, Nha Trang 3 Island Tour, Island Tour combined with Nha Trang Diving, Nha Trang Island Tour, Nha Trang Tour, Tour Visit Nha Trang Bay, Nha Trang’s tour is still the most interesting traditional tour, you will see a lot of island tours with VIP island tour programs in Nha Trang.

07h45 – 08h45: Vietstar Travel car and guide pick you up at the hotel. After that, the group moved to the port on super speed boats to start exploring the 3-island Nha Trang tour

09h45: Arrive in Mun Island

Cano will take visitors to Mun Island “Coral Paradise”. This is the only marine life conservation area in Vietnam, as well as the largest of Southeast Asia with more than 350 species of coral and thousands of colorful sea creatures, visitors will be mixed with species. coral with premium glasses, snorkel and buoy. Here you will be taken to the most beautiful diving site

11h30: To the Fishing Village. You visit the largest seafood breeding area in Nha Trang and have lunch at a floating restaurant with a rich menu:

Black tiger shrimp with garlic

tomato source over pan fried fish

Stir-fried chicken discharges chilli or meat from an egg

Fried eggs with minced meat

Sauteed spinach

Sour fish soup



Clean water

Cold towel

In addition, you can order more seafood outside the program of your choice. (expenses excluded)

12h30: Đến Bãi TranhYou go to the island to continue swimming or sunbathing on the beach with the sound of whispering waves … and experience sea games like: jacky cano water, parachute buoy, banana buoy …… … (cost of the game itself).

15h30: Car and tour guide take you back to the hotel.

End the program of 3 island Nha Trang tour and see you again next time.


Shuttle bus

Cano highway

Scuba diving + diving coach

Tour guide

The cost of sightseeing tickets to the islands


Clean water

Travel insurance


Other personal expenses.

The personal game arises


Children under 1 year free.

Children from 1 to 9 years old will be charged 50% by adult price.

Children from 10 years old must buy 100% of tickets


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